LOVATT families abound in the Potteries and Midlands.   The members of the particular family here described are the double descendants of the WEDGWOODs through the marriage of Dr Thomas WEDGWOOD to his cousin Catherine in 1716.   On page 161 of ‘Wedgwood Pedigrees’ we read that their daughter Catherine “married in 1754 at Burslem Thomas LOVATT, butcher, from whom descend the LOVATTs of Birmingham.”

Since I descend from their youngest daughter Kezia LOVATT, I must declare a personal interest in proclaiming my double WEDGWOOD descent.   John Wedgwood Pound has persuaded me to go further and to validate the connection to the LOVATTs of Birmingham.   Thanks to a recent contact I have now been persuaded to go further and extend the tree to include the potting LOVATTs from the Langley Mill Pottery; this branch needs more work doing and this is in hand.


I can do no more than apologise for the chosen display medium.   GED2HTML aka Gendex is the ‘only/best of a bad lot’ of programs to choose from; it was designed in the stone age and cannot cope with the sophistication of modern genealogical software.   It very reluctantly now accepts dates by ‘quarter’ in the Q1 1845 format meaning the first quarter of 1845 - essential when using the GRO indexes.   The occupation and notes fields are a plain mess; although part of this is a result of a change in the GEDCOM standard some years back.    Many of my favourite fields are missed out altogether.

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