The Wedgwood family is perhaps best known for Wedgwood Pottery and the celebrated potter Josiah Wedgwood FRS (1730-1795). He founded a dynasty which has included many noted writers and scientists. The Wedgwood family was of note in Staffordshire hundreds of years before his birth, however, and other notable relatives will, in time, be added to this page.

Josiah Wedgwood FRS (1730-1795)

The celebrated Potter, known as the “Father of the English Pottery Industry”, he founded Josiah Wedgwood & Sons in 1759. The trademarks for this old firm now belong to an American Private Equity firm.

He was the youngest son of Thomas and Mary Wedgwood of the Churchyard Works, Burslem. He married his third cousin Sarah Wedgwood and was the father of Susannah Wedgwood, wife of Robert Darwin and mother of Charles Darwin; Josiah Wedgwood II MP and John Wedgwood, founder of the Royal Horticultural Society.


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